Sha Po Lang/杀破狼 by Priest

Main characters: Chang Geng, Gu Yun

Chapters: Prologue + 15 chapters + 15 extras

Main CP: Chang Geng x Gu Yun (slow burn)

Genres: Historical, Steampunk, Wars, Hurt/Comfort


This website version follows the division of the printed Simplified Chinese version of Sha Po Lang, hence the chapters will be fewer but longer.
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From the beginning, when the first bowl of Ziliujin was dug out of the ground,
it was destined that this world could never be peaceful again.

Ziliujin, a fuel-like resource, had turned Great Liang into the thriving nation that it is today. Though the discovery of Ziliujin led to unprecedented improvement in steam-powered technology, it had also put the nation before greedy eyes, threatening all four borders of the land.
In the seventh year of Long An's reign, the threat that had been surrounding Great Liang finally made its move, and overnight, all four frontiers were besieged by different forces. The years of stability accumulated were on the brink of collapse. Great Liang's fate lay on the shoulders of the Marquis of Order, and the Fourth Prince who was said to harbor the abilities of an "evil god".

Sha Po Lang is a historical steampunk that delves into the consequences of innovation, the ongoings and aftermaths of war, and how love not only has the capacity to save a person, but also a whole nation.


Assassinate/刺杀 by Priest

Main characters: Edward Lander, Arno Hall

Genres: Historical, Victorian Steampunk

Assassinate is a short story written by Priest as part of "Machine Fantasy - A Dream of Steampunk" (机械幻想 - 蒸汽朋克之梦), a steampunk anthology published in 2015.


Set in a fictional London, at the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution, Edward Lander's name is both renowned and hated by the empire which needed his groundbreaking intelligence, and by the anti-science organizations who detested such unnatural progress. While the empire expends its effort in protecting him and the anti-science organizations set assassins after him, Edward Lander only wished for his unspeakable feelings to reach the object of his affection.

About the author

Priest/p大 (known in the fandom as pipi/皮皮 and sweet/甜甜) is a Chinese author, actively writing since 2007, known for her diverse genre of works, well-developed worlds, multi-dimensional and human characters, strong plots, and lack of explicit content. She writes both BG and BL stories. Many have already been licensed for different adaptations. More information about the author can be found in the Priest carrd.