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  • Ling Shu Institute: A group of imperial mechanics: the designer, inventor, and manufacturer of the seven military arms, equal in rank to the Imperial Guard.

  • Lin Yuan Pavilion: An organization of talented people, from officials and nobles, down to small merchants and servants, who only appear during times of chaos and turbulence in Great Liang

  • Sha Hai Group: A bandit organization in Liangjiang, which takes in escaped refugees during Yang Rong Gui's tyrannical mismanagement

Steampunk/ Ziliujin powered gadgets:

  • Ziliujin (flow of purple gold) : a type of oil that powers every steampunk gadget in this universe, ranging from gears in the military to household objects. It has a distinct smell (mentioned during the massive Ziliujin burning during Westerners’ attempt to invade Great Liang).

  • Qian Li Yan (Thousand Mile Eye): A copper telescope used to see long distances.

  • Xiu Zhong Si (a thread hidden inside a sleeve): thin knives inside an iron bracelet

  • Giant Kite: giant ship (length >5000 feet), has 2 wings and comprised of thousands of flaming fins that burn Ziliujin

  • tong hou: a huge horn speaker

  • Baihong (White Rainbow): a huge mechanical bow and arrow set

  • Steam rail car: Ziliujin-powered train with carved horses on its front

Other important objects:

  • Black Tiger emblem: An emblem that could command all military forces all over the country, except for the Emperor’s imperial guard. There are three in total: one with Gu Yun, one with the Imperial Court, and one with the Emperor

  • Feng Huo ticket: Feng huo='beacon fire', same terminology as 'Feng Huo Order', the highest level of warfare warning, received by General Lian at Da Gu harbor when the Westerners attacked; Paper fiat currency backed by gold and silver in the treasury

  • sea grain paper: special paper that can be folded into the size of a pill no matter how big and the ink doesn't fade away, can restore itself when left out for a long time

  • wooden bird: mechanical wooden birds used for communication by Chang Geng and the Lin Yuan Pavillion, driven by magnetism.

  • Sui Xin: ore that comes with Ziliujin, preventing accidental explosions during transport

Military and Ziliujin powered gears:

  • Wind Slasher (blade that could cut through wind): a rod-like weapon powered by ziliujin, its bottom end expands to a 3-4 ft long blade.

  • Black Eagle: An suit of armor powered by Zilliujin that the soldiers can wear to fly, can travel far distances at a faster speed for urgency and communication.

  • Sand Tiger: war chariot that ran in the desert

  • Sea Monster: A very large octopus-like submarine from the Westerners, with attached Sea Dragons, equipped with many Eagles and resources on board.

  • anti-air net: a system of pillar-like structures that attacks any flying body over the capital, through layers of optical networks, up at 300 feet.

  • Iron Arrow: ziliujin-powered crossbow, which will eventually replace the Baihong

  • Large Eagle: A flying machine the size of a Kite but powered by the same mechanism as Eagle Armor

  • Sea cuttles: An underwater jiao--the driver locks onto a location and abandons ship while the cuttle keeps moving, colliding with its target and exploding on impact

Names and titles:

  • Wu Er Gu: Bone of Impurity - The evil god who consumed his brother in the Eighteen Tribes' religion, also a process in which two blood-related children are refined into one, summoning the power of the evil god

  • Zhuang Yuan: title for the highest scorer in the imperial examination

  • Grand Council: Highest policy-making body below the Emperor, established during wartime, led by Chang Geng.

  • Mechanic (Long-Arm Master/Chang Bei Shi): mechanics of steel armor or machines