At that time, the Barbarian envoy who had just been questioned was imprisoned in the innermost layer of the Celestial Prison.

The Barbarian envoy, who was pushed into the dark cell, turned his head once and looked at Shen Yi on his horse's back, his gaze causing Shen Yi's heart to tighten.

The Barbarian envoy gave him a strange laugh and hummed in the tune of a folk song: "The cleanest spirit on the prairie, even the wind wanted to kiss her skirt..."

They lived in the grassland for a long time, each of them possessed a clear and strong voice. The man's voice was slightly low, echoing in the snow and wind, there was a kind of a wolf's moving and tragic sorrow at the end of the road that lingered, the singing continued to resonate even as the man was gone.

Shen Yi frowned and listened for a moment. He could sense the changes coming with the years.

Ziliujin burned quietly in several Heavy Armor gold boxes patrolling near the dungeon. From the outside, a little purple halo could be seen. Steam floated in the ice and snow. In the twinkling of an eye, it dispersed. Grassland, horses, primitive swords, spears, and arrows all faded together, solidifying in the dark of the iron puppet in Heavy Armor.

Shen Yi suddenly had a feeling, it was as if an era had come to an end before his eyes.

However, he was only emotional for a short time and soon came back to his senses — if Gu Yun's speculation was correct, then there might have been separation within the Eighteen Tribes, such opportunity for battle must not be missed, and the North was likely to be engaged in a war immediately.

Just as Shen Yi circled outside the prison and was about to leave, suddenly a white shadow flashed by from afar, making one feel somewhat dizzy. If it weren’t for Shen Yi's keen intuition that he had honed over the years on the battlefield, he would hardly have noticed it.

Shen Yi made a gesture towards the several unaware guards nearby and took the lead in carrying his Wind Slasher into the prison. The more he walked, the more frightened he was. There was not even a footprint on the ground. The empty prison was quiet, while the two jail guards at the gates — one sitting, one standing — remained motionless. On closer examination, they had fainted silently.

Suddenly, there was a breeze behind Shen Yi's head. Instinctively, he reached out and pulled out the Wind Slasher from behind him and swung it back — but it was empty.

There was a tinkle in his ear, the Wind Slasher touched something very light. Shen Yi rushed forward without looking back. He leaped up into the corner, leveraged his feet on the wall, turned over and grabbed the clothing of the intruder. He pulled it down as he went. The veil on the person's face was pulled down unexpectedly. It was Chen Qing Xu.

Shen Yi: "..."

He had no idea when he had landed. His mouth was agape and he almost sprained his foot.

In the next moment, there was a rush of footsteps on one side. The guards of the Northern Camp had followed him in. Shen Yi came back to his senses and shook his head at Chen Qing Xu quickly, pushed her into the corner where there was no light, then gathered up the Wind Slasher as if nothing had happened and turned around.

Guard: "General Shen, what's wrong?"

Shen Yi said lightly, "It's nothing. I was only mistaken. The Barbarian was full of trickery, tell the brothers to be on the alert."

Without any doubt, the guards quickly formed into several groups and patrolled other places.

Shen Yi stood calmly for a moment, breathed deeply, his heart about to jump out.

For a long time, he quietly wiped away the second patch of cold sweat in his hand and turned to Chen Qing Xu's hiding place: "Why is Miss Chen here?"

Chen Qing Xu came to see the Barbarian envoy. She did not want to let go of any clues about the Bone of Impurity no matter how small. She already informed Chang Geng before she came. Chang Geng wanted to ask for assistance in the army, but Chen Qing Xu thought for a moment that she didn't intend to rob the prisoner, she only wanted to go into the prison at night to walk around, hence it was not a big problem. With the matter of the Bone of Impurity, the fewer people that knew, the better.

She did not expect to get caught, and by the hands of someone she knew at that. At the moment, she put her hands together and said in embarrassment. "Thank you for your mercy. I came to the prison to confirm a few things with the Barbarian envoy — General Shen can take a look at this."

As she said this, she took out a note by Chang Geng from her bosom with Gu Yun's private seal on it. This was Chang Geng using Gu Yun's power to open a back door for her. Chen Qing Xu did not intend to accept it at first. At this time, she secretly felt fortunate that she did, it was good there was such a thing, otherwise, she would not be able to clearly explain herself.

The letter was kept in her bosom, it was still warm. When Shen Yi took it, his hands trembled as he read it dreamfully. Each word was like smoke passing by his eyes, every ink drop could enter his burnt brain.

Shen Yi stayed in the same narrow room with Chen Qing Xu, but did not dare to lift his head to look at the other.

When Chen Qing Xu saw that he had not spoken for a long time, she reminded him, "It has the private seal of Marquis Gu on it."

Shen Yi woke up from his dream: "Ah... Oh, yes, then you should be careful, uh... Please come in. "

Chen Qing Xu went in the prison with relief, after taking a few steps, seeing that Shen Yi did not follow after, she said: "If the general does not feel reassured, you can come with me."

Shen Yi nodded his head, saving his words like gold: "Mm, pardon me."

After that, he followed Chen Qing Xu five steps apart in silence, even a breath was not let out, he was more quiet than the inanimate iron puppet. The prison was pitch dark, Chen Qing Xu could not see that Shen Yi was blushing into a monkey's buttocks. She was still amazed. Didn't they all say that things of the same kind gathered together? How could there be such a formal and old-school person beside the Marquis?

Relatively speechless, the two walked all the way to the Barbarian envoy's single room. Shen Yi finally opened his mouth and said, "This man's name is Chi Ku Yo, the trusted confidant of Jia Lai Ying Huo, the Wolf King."

Chen Qing Xu was shocked by his sudden voice like a corpse that had come back to life, and, her fingertips flashed with silver - she almost took out a murder weapon. Of course, Shen Yi saw it, he shut up with regret and dared not say a word.

At this time, it was the enemy who rescued General Shen, who was about to drill down the wall of the prison. Chi Ku Yo in the single room heard his introduction and continued his words in a leisurely way: "Everyone else said that I was a traitor beside the Wolf King, but the general here has sharp eyes."

When Shen Yi met him, his lips became more fluent: "A traitor? So the rumor that your tribe's Second Prince usurped the throne is true?"

Chi Ku Yo shook his head. At this stage, there was no point in hiding it, he said frankly, "The Second Prince is only a child, not yet at the age of having ambition, but the Eighteen Tribes of the Wolf King only have three princes. The First Prince was already locked up by them, the Third Prince... haha, he is only an idiot who needs to be assisted in everything from eating to dressing and moving around, only the Second Prince can reluctantly be a puppet for them."

Shen Yi keenly captured the word ‘them’. As long as his mind was not on Miss Chen, it was very sharp. He immediately realized — the Northern Barbarians, named ‘Eighteen Tribes Alliance’, were not one organization. If one wanted to be the king of wolves, besides keeping everyone warm and full, he also had to have sharp teeth to bite the others.

Shen Yi narrowed his eyes and tried to fish for information, "What's the matter? Can the Wolf King tolerate this?"

Chi Ku Yo sneered: "A great hero will eventually grow old, otherwise, how can the wild dog come out?"

Shen Yi heard that Jia Lai Ying Huo was either injured or sick, it seemed that he had lost control of the Eighteen Tribes.

He lowered the Wind Slasher, the point of the blade through the sheath was at the right length to stand on the ground. Chi Ku Yo's pupils shrank slightly. The Black Iron Camp would always remain a shadow over the heads of the Eighteen Tribes.

Shen Yi, holding his elegant tone of Hanlin, said, "Your Wolf King's temperament is very extreme. In recent years, the people have not had a good life. Now, there are massive forces of soldiers in the northwest, the warriors in the Wolf King's hands may not have the heart to go out to war. Forgive me for being foolish, but why must you mix into the group of envoys at all cost to destroy the peace talk? Didn't it also involve the Third Prince, an innocent child?"

Chi Ku Yo looked at him calmly. "The general is right. I'm afraid those in the Eighteen Tribes Alliance also think the same way, but it is not my king's wish. I have sworn to Chang Sheng Tian that I will be loyal to my king, even if I bear the name of a traitor, I will fulfill my king's wishes for him."

Shen Yi: "Please elaborate."

"Beasts must bear the appearance of beasts. If the Eighteen Tribes fall into the hands of those who wag their tails and beg for mercy and are trained by Great Liang to be a dog digging Ziliujin, it would be better for them to die on this path of battling for power," Chi Ku Yo looked at Shen Yi. "General of the black crow, I ask you, do you want to live a miserable life, or die in a fierce flame?"

This Chi Ku Yo talked like a bastard, Chen Qing Xu thought that Shen Yi would disdain it, but unexpectedly, as he heard the question, he actually gave a proper reply, "I would rather die in the flame myself, but I also know the truth that even an ant would strive to live. It's natural for those who join the army to protect those who prefer to live even more, I am not the only one. I do not think that there is anything miserable about a quiet life of fishing and farming. If the people of your tribes really live miserably, it is also the fault of the person in charge for carrying a sharp weapon."

After Shen Yi finished, feeling that he had obtained some information, he stepped back and politely made a gesture to Chen Qing Xu: "Yan Wang asked this lady to ask you a few questions, the two of us should talk less nonsense."

When Chi Ku Yo heard the word ‘Yan Wang’, his expression changed for a moment, it seemed to be a mix of something strange, and respect. Before Chen Qing Xu opened her mouth, he took the lead and said, "Are you coming because of the Bone of Impurity?"

When Chen Qing Xu came, Chang Geng asked her to give Chi Ku Yo a sentence, "Give up the secret of barbarian witchcraft, I will give you what you want." Before, Chen Qing Xu did not understand what it meant. At this time, as she listened to the dialogue between Chi Ku Yo and General Shen, she had somewhat understood it and proceeded to deliver this sentence to him.

After hearing this, Chi Ku Yo had a rare expression of pondering on his face, he then answered properly: "As for the Bone of Impurity, I only know how to evoke and control it. As for how to refine it, only the leader and goddesses know about it. It is a secret that will not be passed on to others. Forgive me, but I will not be able to promise anything."

Chen Qing Xu: "What about the cure?"

Chi Ku Yo listened and said with amazement, "What did you say? A cure?"

He sighed and curled his lips. "Woman of the Central Plains, Bone of Impurity is not of the same kind of poison of you Central Plain people. Not dying even after eating, revived again after drinking the antidote. After the refinement, Wu Er Gu is Wu Er Gu. He has been reborn and is no longer human. If you want to beat him back to his original shape, it is like putting a dog that had been born back to his mother's womb, to let it be born again as a rabbit, that is not possible."

Chen Qing Xu was not so easily fooled: "The so-called ‘rebirth and transformation’ is only enough to deceive laymen. If the envoy wants to be sincere, you'd better not trick me with such nonsense."

Chi Ku Yo eyes turned slightly, he said with a sly smile: "Unfortunately, I am a ‘layman’ — the last goddess that was Hu Ge Er has been dead for nearly ten years. Before her death, she had passed on the forbidden art to my king. The Third Prince was the Bone of Impurity forged by his own hands... although limited by the host's qualifications, this Bone of Impurity is not complete, but if you want the secret of the Bone of Impurity, you can go to him — as long as your black crow can kill the jailed Wolf King's wild dogs."

This Barbarian envoy was full of trickery and provocation, but for better or worse, it had confirmed one thing — if the Third Prince was truly a Bone of Impurity, then Jia Lai Ying Huo must possess the complete forbidden art of the goddess. This was a direction.

Chen Qing Xu stopped talking nonsense, turned around and left. She departed from the capital the next day.

Shen Yi was about to turn crazy. He wished he could grow wings and fly to the northern front line immediately. He troubled Gu Yun every day, and Gu Yun was not able to stand his harassment, running to the palace three times in just two days.

Finally, on the third day of January, Li Feng followed his wish and ordered Gu Yun to go to the Northern frontline secretly, act cautiously, explore the situation of the Eighteen tribes, and avoid rushing into action.

Yan Wang was not able to follow them to the front line. He sent them off all the way to the Northern Camp, a sense of unreasonable anxiety suddenly arose in his heart.

He turned his head and looked in the direction of the imperial palaces and whispered to the coachman, "Go to the Wangnan Tower."

The first night Gu Yun left the capital, as he put on the liuli glass, the clip suddenly broke. Then, the glass rolled down the bridge of his nose, knocked on one side of the black iron shoulder armor, and cracked.

For a general about to depart on an expedition, the damage of his belongings was an ominous sign. The guard was frightened, afraid that Gu Yun would not favor such things.

Gu Yun rubbed his nose and said, "Gee, did I already master Golden-Bell Armor and Iron-Cloth Shirt without being taught?"

*two techniques from the 72 techniques of Shaolin, which both refers to making oneself invulnerable to attacks

The guard said, "This is ‘many years of peace*’ Marshal. I'll bring you another one."

*The word break(碎) is pronounced the same as the word "year(岁)", when breaking something, people would use this and say "many years of peace" instead

The guard took care of his daily routines, knowing that he must have a spare liuli glass in his luggage, in the process of searching, he accidentally saw a large envelope placed together with Gu Yun's stack of clothes and belongings. It was thick to the touch, sealed with wax, the words ‘To Marshal Gu’ were written on it.

The Marquis of Order with his hands full daily certainly did not have the hobby of writing letters to himself. This thing mixed in his clothes had the aura of ‘skin-to-skin closeness’, which naturally brought an ambiguous feeling of intimacy.

Who could be the one who packed Gu Yun's clothes?

Apart from the white-bearded old servants of the Marquis' Manor, perhaps it could only be a significant other.

The seal was still intact, Gu Yun himself probably hadn't found the envelope yet. The little guard had a bright idea. He gleefully took both the backup glass and the envelope to Gu Yun altogether, speaking in a sly tone, "Marshal, there's an important letter in your clothes, you should look at it quickly, it would not be good if you forget."

Gu Yun put on the glass, looked at the familiar handwriting on the envelope with a subtle look. As he raised his head, he instantly caught the sly look on the guard's face, he laughed and scolded: "What are you looking at, get out."

The guard laughed, no longer probing, he made a face and ran away.

The envelope in hand was quite weighty, resembling a thick book when picked up. If it was a love letter, it would probably have to be written starting from the years when His Royal Highness still wore diapers. Gu Yun opened the envelope while guessing: "Housing deed? Land title? Feng Huo ticket? Silver? Or the secret of immortality?"

However, when he opened the contents, he was almost shocked by what was inside.

It was a thick stack of drawings, with all soft and durable sea grain paper. Sea grain papers did not get affected by fire and water, but some places were still yellowing and the edges were curved, it seemed to have been drawn throughout many days, the ink on the paper was different in depth, perhaps the original owner had commented on it many times and it was not just finished in a flash.

The top one was a large picture of the whole nation of Great Liang, which could cover the floor when spread out, three rivers and five lakes, from Manjing to was all on the paper. On the top of the map, there were also countless small letters in Kai style to mark where he wanted to open mountains, where to set up factories, where there were plenty of fish and rice in green mountains and waters, which ports were suitable for expansion and facing the four seas, where the Sea Dragons could truly travel, where a route specially made for Ziliujin could be opened.

Which official roads need to be repaired, where to use Giant Kites and the improved Large Eagle to connect with each other, there were lines painted on the paper resembling arteries running all over the country - these were the railings of the Western steam train Chang Geng once talked about, long like dragons and snakes, which could travel thousands of miles a day.

Under the map, there was another drawing of the design of the steam train, accompanied by the professional annotations of Master Feng Han, with the calculation of transportation capacity along with funding and rations written by Du Wan Quan beside it.

In addition, the thick sea grain paper also had an explanation of the reformed official system in Great Liang's future, where the ‘Grand Council’ and ‘Canal Office’ will have been achieved, but it also included many positions Gu Yun had never heard of before, hierarchical, highly efficient.

There were plenty of examples as such —

If Gu Yun were to see these things five years ago, he might have thought it was the imagination of a common folk storyteller. Now, although many things had not yet been completed, it was all as vivid as reality, whether it had been achieved or had yet to be, it was no longer a fantasy.

Under these drawings that resembled a fantasy, there was also a painting, the strokes were not exquisite, it could be seen that the painter was not good at this subject, but the artistic conception was straightforward. With a few strokes, it outlined a child playing with firecrackers on the roadside, and behind him there was a fruit tree, no one knew what had grown, but there were large bunches of bright colors in the branches. There was no telling if they were flowers or fruit — and in the distance, mountains and rivers layered on the edge, it appeared both joyful and peaceful.

There was neither an inscription nor a poem on the painting, only the words ‘heaven and earth at peace’ were written, resembling a note.

Infinite rivers and mountains, all were gathered in a stroke of ink.

Gu Yun's heart was very hot, he unconsciously reached out his hand and lightly held it against his chest. Only then did he find that he had been holding his breath without knowing, and he could not help but laugh silently while pressing his hand to his forehead. Xiao Chang Geng, who would act spoiled, was pitiful and endearing — but Yan Wang, who sketched and designed the nation, was the one that moved his heart.

In the blink of an eye, Gu Yun and Shen Yi had arrived at the front line of the Northern Frontier. Meanwhile, they secretly transferred a part of the Black Iron Camp's three factions to join behind the North City Defense Army. The former commander of the North City Defense Army had died when the barbarians invaded. The crucial frontier area could not lack a veteran general, hence General Cai had been temporarily taking over this position.

Cai Fen truly was old, and he was getting older year by year. The last time Gu Yun joined forces with him to suppress bandits, he felt that his back was not so bent and his hands were not trembling this much.

In fact, how could it not? How many years could a man have in his life? How much blood could be spilled at will and not become cold? When one was in their twenties or thirties, they ventured on the battlefields, full of merit and fame. When they grew old and tired, even though the spirit cast in iron was still there, one could only start to waste their effort. Wasn't it the same as a person's beauty that could not last?

The battlefield in the Northern frontier had been in a deadlock, but unlike Jiangnan separated by Changjiang, although the Barbarians dared not make any big movements, there were many daily frictions. There would be a medium to small-scale battle between the Central Plains and Barbarians every three to five days. The whole army would have to be on standby throughout the night to patrol and dared not relax. Fortunately, Cai Fen's youngest pair of twins would soon be 20 years old. Most of his children were grown adults. The Cai family army had taken shape, for better or worse, they could share his burden and not let the old general exhaust himself to death.

Now, along the way, nine out of ten houses in the villages and towns in the vicinity of the Northern frontier were empty. This area was originally not flourishing, plus suffering from repeated war disasters and bandits, if they did not give up their houses, they would have to give up their lives.

"It had only calmed down a bit after the Barbarian envoy entered the capital for peace talk." Cai Fen coughed a few times then said, "The scouts reported that the barbarians are gathering Ziliujin for tribute as per the condition of the peace treaty. If that's the case, I think that the peace talks are not exactly insincere. Is Marshal coming for their Ziliujin tribute?"

The news of the Man envoy's imprisonment was blocked. Gu Yun's group traveled too fast, even if there were leaks, they had not yet arrived at the frontline. Cai Fen was still unaware of the incident of the peace talks.

Gu Yun and Shen Yi looked at each other. As the commander of the four sides, he was aware of everything inside, but for the sake of insurance, he asked in detail about various situations in the Eighteen Tribes.

"That's right," Cai Fen said. "This year, the North has suffered a severe wind disaster. Many cattle and sheep have died. There is not enough meat. The meager amount planted and raised in the local area is not enough to eat, let alone support the war. After Marshal defeated the Western Regions, you had basically cut off the supply and transportation routes of the barbarians. I heard that the Westerners in Jiangnan are not doing well themselves either, even if the routes were not cut, they don't necessarily have the power to take care of the barbarians."

Shen Yi said, "I learned from another line that the Second Prince who usurped the throne did not seem to have done so intentionally, but that there was something wrong within their Eighteen Tribe Alliances."

Cai Fen thought about it and nodded, "General Shen's statement is reasonable. In fact, just before winter this year, some barbarians had secretly dug Ziliujin to trade for food. Looking at the quantity, it was not necessarily done by regular civilians. At that time, I felt that the Eighteen Tribes might be dispersed. As expected, after a short time, the Second Prince imprisoned his father and brother."

Shen Yi looked at Gu Yun, who nodded slightly to him.

Cai Fen sensed something unusual and asked, "Marshal, what's the matter?"

Shen Yi gave a brief summary of what happened and the arrest of the envoy in the capital.

Cai Fen was horrified, then shook his head in a solemn manner after a moment: "Marshal, General Shen, even if there were internal disagreements among the Eighteen Tribes, whether Jia Lai Ying Huo wanted to bring outsiders to calm the insiders, or simply wanted to burn everything altogether, why bother sending people into the capital city? Just coming to the Northern frontier station to set off a fire, that would be more effective. Does he have no one else to deploy except for a single guard?"

Shen Yi shook his head. "That's convenient, but the people currently in power in the Heavenly Wolf Tribe are likely to push one or two people out as a scapegoat, it would not solve anything."

The Eighteen Tribes had been unified under the Wolf King's banner for hundreds of years. The Wolf King family had a high prestige in the hearts of the tribespeople. It was a bit like the imperial family of the Central Plains. Those who had ambitions dared not touch Jia Lai Ying Huo, they instead made every effort to push the Second Prince out as a puppet. And if it was like the plan Chi Ku Yo had said, which triggered the Bone of Impurity in the palace and controlled Yan Wang, Great Liang would have to go straight to the hinterland of the Eighteen Tribes and ask the Wolf King to surrender the antidote. Jia Lai wanted to force the traitors to either fight Great Liang or hand the Wolf King out and bear the humiliation.

Cai Fen frowned: "Jia Lai Ying Huo is a mad dog, but he may not be mad to that extent. If he could still endure, he would. What does he have to depend on if he initiates a war now? The starving people in the Eighteen Tribes?"

Shen Yi was unable to answer this question.

Gu Yun went to the edge of the sand table and stood for a moment with his hands behind his back: "He actually had something to depend on — if the foreigners in Jiangnan want us to shift our strategic focus to the north."

Shen Yi and Cai Fen were both surprised.

Gu Yun stretched out his hand and swept across the sand table: "The supply routes were blocked, rations and resources were exhausted, if it continues, there is only death, either surrender, or fight till the end — unless the North and South both join forces to take this risk, not letting Great Liang have any room to rest. A sudden and unexpected penetration into the hinterland, launching a surprise attack, forcibly re-opening the supply routes, that way, there will be a way out. If I were to be Jia Lai Ying Huo, perhaps I would also be willing to take such a risk, if the foreigners are willing to cooperate."

Cai Fen: "Marshal means…"

Shen Yi suddenly came to a realization, "Westerners are occupying the fertile soil of Jiangnan, continuously using wars to feed more wars, scraping the ground three feet under to rob the civilians' hard work and also capture a large number of laborers to dig the mines for resources to transport back to their country in exchange for domestic support. They also have the intention of resting and recuperating."

"Recently, General Zhong constantly adjusted the deployment of the naval force in Jiangbei, Ling Shu Institute had also transferred a new batch of Dragons to the Jiangbei frontline, these actions had made the foreigners uneasy, thus the Pope had deceived Jia Lai into using his full force, pushing the Eighteen Tribes out as a shield. Once our strategic focus shifted northward, we would have no time to look south. At that time, when the Pope sends a message for peace talks, the court will be forced to accept it, the south could then rightfully belong to them!"

Cai Fen was stunned, "Marshal, what should we do now?"

Gu Yun laughed: "We wait, the foreigners are not the only ones who know misdirection."

Three days later, the secretly assembled Black Iron Camp appeared on the front line of the Northern Frontier, the ambiguous atmosphere at the front line due to the peace talks suddenly became tense.

The Eighteen Tribes had a deep fear towards the Black Iron Camp. On the same day, unable to sit still, they had sent someone over at top speed to inquire about it. Gu Yun ordered his men to bind the messenger and spread the news about the rebellion of the Man envoy, Chi Ku Yo. At the same time, using the Black Tiger emblem to order Jiangbei to lock down the water, stop the daily patrolling routine and withdraw a large force at the south distributed by the Ling Shu Institute, creating the illusion that the two sides were discussing a truce.

The barbarians also had their own eyes on the south side. After a few days, the news along Liangjiang had arrived.

The Eighteen Tribes exploded, General Cai's spies reported back that there were two internal conflicts in the Eighteen Tribes alliance within a day and Jia Lai Ying Huo's tent was enclosed tightly, no one was allowed to approach.

The next day, the barbarians hastily gathered an offering of Ziliujin and sent it to the front line of the Northern frontier along with two heads. Gu Yun collected the goods but threw the messenger out. At the same time, the Black Iron Camp pushed forward ten miles, obviously unwilling to stop.

The enemy's civil conflict was on the verge of eruption.

Shen Yi was very anxious, barging straight into Gu Yun's tent. "What about Miss Chen's side?"

Gu Yun was discussing with He Rong Hui and Cai Fen. As he heard these words, he looked up leisurely and asked, "Which Miss Chen?"

Of course, General Gu would share this kind of gossip with the others. He Rong Hui and Cai Fen obviously already knew everything. He Rong Hui only smiled silently while General Cai shook his head helplessly.

Shen Yi could not take so much into account at this moment and said frankly, "Stop pretending! I'm afraid Miss Chen has already arrived in the Eighteen Tribes. They're in such a mess…"

Before he finished, a person wearing a veiled hat came in from the outside.

Shen Yi: "..."

Chen Qing Xu brushed aside her veil and asked, "Was General Shen referring to me?"

Lin Yuan Pavilion had its own wooden bird communication, Chen Qing Xu had received the news on the road and directly rushed to the garrison in the Northern Frontier.

The generals burst out laughing, He Rong Hui laughed until his face reddened. He went and put his arm around Shen Yi's shoulder, already prepared with a belly full of jokes.

At that moment, a Black Eagle suddenly fell down outside, the dust flew high and almost knocked over half of the Marshal's tent. If it wasn't for the cushion of the protective gear in the Eagle's armor, this fall would have taken someone's life.

Black Eagles were well-trained and seldom had such accidents. The generals were quiet for a moment then laughed aloud, asking which recruit of the scouting team he belonged to. This time, He Rong Hui turned from red to purple, he let Shen Yi go and was about to give a good scolding.

Before waiting for him to open his mouth, the Black Eagle who fell to the ground raised his dirty face. He Rong Hui was stunned on the spot — this was a veteran in the three scouting teams and was once registered with him.

"Marshal," the Black Eagle scout ignored the laughing and teasing of others, took out an urgent letter from his bosom, and said quickly, "An urgent document from the Grand Council!"

There were three kinds of urgent letters sent by the Grand Council to garrisons all over the country. There was a ribbon at the tail of the carrying tube — yellow for the Emperor's order, green for the copied document when something major had happened to the court, black for the military affairs, and red for the emergency military affairs. For example, when foreign enemies invaded, Gu Yun's Feng Huo Order issued to all places was marked with a red ribbon.

The Black Eagle was holding a red marked letter in his hands, making people's scalp itch. Gu Yun stood up violently and his heart suddenly emptied. It seemed that his steady heartbeat suddenly met a threshold then rose and fell randomly. His mouth dried up for no reason. He Rong Hui did not dare to delay, he quickly took over the letter tube and brought it up.

There was no telling how many words the letter had to cause Gu Yun to look at it for such a long time. Everyone had stretched their necks. For a while, even the idea of the capital being surrounded again had manifested, only then did he slowly put the letter down.

He Rong Hui was quick-tempered, he immediately asked, "Marshal, doesn't the red label mean urgency? What the hell is going on?”