At this time, a familiar cry reached Chang Geng's ears. He turned back and saw the head of Butcher Ge hanging on the railing together with several pig heads. His wife was pale and blue as she was crushed under the collapsed walls. She had long since stopped breathing. The choked cries of Ge Pang Xiao came from afar, and Chang Geng was taken aback. He didn't have the strength to be concerned about anything else anymore, and he subconsciously said: "It seems to be Ge Pang Xiao of the butcher family..."

Shen Yi kept on charging ahead without stopping his feet.

Chang Geng thought he didn't hear it properly: "General, wait!"

Shen Yi said: "Your subject was ordered to protect Your Royal Highness to leave the city. There cannot be any delay."

His voice came from behind the iron mask, cold as metal that had been submerged in ice.

Chang Geng was dumbfounded.

The hissing wind grazed past his ears, and sticky cold sweat slid down his spine. Everywhere he touched was dark iron — extremely cold, just like the iron wristband that could never be warm around his wrist.

Ge Pang Xiao often acted spoiled, showed all his teeth when he smiled, and his personality was a little strange and quirky. There wasn't a single person who didn't love the boy.

Chang Geng suddenly muttered, "Isn't that your student?"

In Shen Yi's eyes, were these students who were close to him day in and day out nothing more to him than an imperial mission of two years ordering him to be in disguise?

That's right. For the grand characters of the Black Iron Camp, what was one puny Yanhui Town?

What was just one child from a butcher family?

In this world, some people's lives were worth more than others; just because one was lovable did not mean he was valuable.

Of course, Shen Yi was not as cold as his armor, but he was only alone at the moment. His highest priority remained to be to complete this task without fail.

The Western Regions had just surrendered, and the entire elite force of the Black Iron Camp was currently keeping guard on that side. They could only afford to bring a tiny fraction of their force here. After two years of netting, they must make one precise move and haul in this big fish.

If they could seize this chance, they would be able to exchange it for peace and stability that would last a few years in the Northern Frontier. Otherwise, they would waste all their efforts.

Due to the complexity of this situation, how could he explain everything clearly to this kid in just a few words?

Shen Yi said earnestly: "Your Highness, please forgive me... Your Highness!"

It seems that while Shen Yi was unprepared, Chang Geng had taken advantage of this brief moment to bend over and touch the lock placed on the elbow of the iron armor.

The Heavy Armor of Black Iron Camp would certainly not be easily opened by him with just one press, but he did successfully push out Shen Yi's arm, creating a gap of about one inch.

This was the first time Chang Geng had seen a Heavy Armor; he did not know the difference between this expertly-made armor and the copper junk used by the city defense officers.

If someone used such a strong external force to destroy the black iron armor, the force of the pop-up lock bursting out could break down a large tree.

With this one inch, Chang Geng quickly removed his foot from the grip and flipped off of Shen Yi's shoulder with agility.

"I am not 'His Highness'," Chang Geng stood two steps away and looked at him. His face was even bleaker than the black iron:

"My feet are not 'dragon claws' either. It is a deformity that my mother created by using a broken piece of porcelain. If she really is just as you said and has connections with the royal family, perhaps it is her aim to create a counterfeit to confuse the royal lineage. The General is rushing like this. I can see that you have other heavy responsibilities. I am not afraid of death, and I have no intention of stealing royal identity either. I have made this matter transparent to you, I will not hinder you any longer."

Shen Yi's black iron mask was opened up, and he looked at the teenager in front of him in bewilderment.

Chang Geng no longer looked at him, he jumped over a wall and ran in the direction of Ge Pang Xiao's cry for help.

A set of dark armor could be spotted easily in this tiny town of Yanhui. Shen Yi was surprised only for a brief moment, yet a group of barbarians had already surrounded him. Chang Geng was not worried. Even though he was an outsider, he could still see that those barbarians were basically seeking death by confronting this expert from the Black Iron Camp. It was clear that although the folklore was somewhat exaggerated in saying that merely forty Black Armors swept through the savanna from that year, it was not wholly untrue.

The martial arts that the teenager had been practicing for many years were not for naught. He was extremely agile as he sprinted towards the narrow road, crossing the courtyard wall. As he entered, he saw a barbarian punching a hole into the chest of an old veteran in charge of guarding Yanhui. The old soldier fell over without making a single sound. It seemed that he could not survive the hit.

Ge Pang Xiao's small face was puffy, holding his head and hiding away in the corner in fear.

Chang Geng saw the sword of the old soldier had landed a few feet away. Taking advantage of having the barbarian's back towards him, he stepped forward and grabbed it. The tail of the sword sprayed out a thin stream of steam. It was an 'iron armor sword', but unfortunately, it had not been adequately maintained for a long time. There was no telling whether it could still be used.

When the barbarian detected the movement, he turned back around instantly but clumsily due to his armor. Ge Pang Xiao's mouth was agape -

Chang Geng twisted the steam support under the steel sword; the sharp blade started to rumble and spin in a circle, a burning scent filled the air. No one knew how many parts inside were already busted. Cheng Geng almost could not hold on to it, he shouted and slashed the large tree next to him.

Although the squeaky sword resembled metal scraps, it chopped down the tree with utmost ease. Before the barbarian could react, the large tree had already toppled over and crushed him. Chang Geng growled towards Ge Pang Xiao: "Why aren't you running?!"

Ge Pang Xiao's face was covered in snot and tears; he shouted at the top of his lungs: "Big brother!"

Not waiting for him to give one of his long speeches, the man who got crushed suddenly roared, violently cutting through the tree the size of a house pillar and hurling it out of the way. He was like an ox that had been provoked, staring at two vulnerable children in front of him with blood-red eyes.

Chang Geng saw this situation had taken a turn for the worse; he simply had to engage in direct combat now.

He took a deep breath, leaned forward, slightly squared his shoulders, clenched the sword in his hands, and got into a solid starting stance.

It's a pity that no matter how solid his stance was, it was useless. He just stood still when he heard a cracking sound, and then the steel sword was completely stuck. It creaked twice, sputtered out black smoke, and immediately became a pile of scrap metal.

Ge Pang Xiao quivered: "This is... this..."

"Move aside!" Chang Geng hissed at him.

Ge Pang Xiao wasn't called quick-witted for nothing. Upon hearing this, he instantly became a harmless meatball and rolled into the corner, staying perfectly out of the way.

The barbarian roared; he was about to use his pair of fists to smash this little kid into pieces.

Chang Geng bent his back and avoided the big iron fist that only grazed at the top of his head. He quickly darted through the cracks, passing by the veteran's body, lowering himself and removing the old soldier's steel leg guards at an incredibly fast speed.

At this point, the wind had caught up behind him. Chang Geng hugged the pair of 'steel leg guards' into his arms and rolled over to a small hole under a nearby wall. He immediately put them on his own legs right after he landed, not caring if he equipped them correctly or not.

A crashing noise rang out; the flimsy walls of the commoner's home were not so strong, the barbarian crushed through them with a single punch. Rubble and broken bricks immediately rained down. The steel leg guard under Chang Geng's foot squirted a small amount of steam thanks to the leftover Ziliujin around the ankle area, propelling his entire body three feet forward in that decisive moment.

Chang Geng almost had the illusion that he could fly upwards.

Aside from the iron wristband, this was the first time he put a part of an iron armor on himself. In this life and death situation, he desperately tried to maintain balance and grabbed the corner of the remaining courtyard wall.

Ge Pang Xiao screamed: "Be careful–"

The barbarian had violently shaken off the bricks; his iron armor created an unbearable creaking sound. The steam under his feet resembled a cloud. He was somewhat surprised that this little child was quite difficult to deal with. He retracted his iron fists, the gear in front of his chest turned in a circle, and a dark-colored explosive was aimed at Chang Geng.

Preparing to finish him in one quick move.

Chang Geng had not yet learned how to coexist peacefully with this pair of Wind-Fire Wheels* under his legs. Hearing a buzzing sound, he instinctively rushed forward; suddenly, there was a painful scorching heat on his back. The sand that splattered onto him from the ground were like steel nails, showering down on him; he only had time to protect his face and head with the scrap-metal sword.

*风火轮; Nezha's magic vehicle that helped him fly around.

The Central Plains' iron armors undoubtedly did not dare to equip explosives on the chest area. The powerful recoil from this explosive could shatter a person's bones. Only the sturdy barbarians with their naturally born indomitable strength would dare to do something like this.

Some say that the reason the three major factions of Black Iron Camp could clean through Eighteen Barbarian Tribes that year was that the Man Tribes were underdeveloped and had not yet known how to produce their own iron armor.

Now no one knew where and how they could get their hands on such a huge amount of Heavy Armors. Coupled with the endless streams of Ziliujin underneath their savanna that spread out for thousands of miles, would they still let themselves be dominated like sheep in the hands of Central Plains people?

How horrifying this could become, the young Chang Geng could not afford to think at this moment.

When Teacher Shen...General Shen taught him how to take care of iron armor, he accidentally mentioned that the explosive space on the steel armor was limited, and the ice tube for cooling was not so efficient.

In order to prevent the person in the armor from being baked alive, every time an explosive was shot out, there needed to be a cooling period that lasted around the time it took to burn an incense, during which the mechanism for launching from the iron armor was automatically locked. Hence Chang Geng still had room to breathe.

The barbarian screamed in accented Chinese: "Run away, little worm! Scared to death! Run!"

Chang Geng's eyes darkened; he slid down the wall in one swift movement and turned to rush towards the man currently chasing him at high speed.

The barbarian man was caught off guard. He didn't expect Chang Geng to have such big guts. He instinctively used the long sword to slash him. The Heavy Armor was almost double the boy in height; naturally, there was a blind spot below. Chang Geng laid backward and slid against the ground. The steel leg guards rubbed against the slate on the ground, creating sparks that scattered everywhere.

Chang Geng dismissed the steel sword that was done for, smashing it right in the middle of the barbarian's back. The barbarian instinctively dodged. At this moment, Chang Geng pressed down on the iron wrist buckle on his wrist, the Xiu Zhong Si inside immediately darted out like a snake, cutting through the Heavy Armor like it was hacking at a watermelon.

Chang Geng: "..."

He had merely tried his luck. He didn't expect that the iron wristband that Shen Shiliu threw to him to use as a plaything was actually such an incredible weapon.

The Xiu Zhong Si broke through the golden point of the barbarian's Heavy Armor. The precise Heavy Armor lost its mobility for a moment. To prevent an explosion caused by the leakage of Ziliujin that could kill the wearer inside, the Heavy Armor activated its self-protection mechanism: all joints from the arms to the back were locked in an instant.

At this time, if the person in the Heavy Armor was still clear-minded, they would use the other half of their body that could still move first to unload the armor, then kill the enemy - even without Heavy Armor, he was still a barbarian man with an advantage in height and strength, there was no reason he couldn't deal with these two little children.

However, although the barbarians obtained these Heavy Armors in some way, it was apparent they had not yet learned how to master this iron monster. The moment the Heavy Armor dead-locked, the barbarian inside was utterly dumbfounded. His first reaction was wanting to use brute force to deal with this mechanical lock.

How could a human body of flesh and blood, even if it was naturally born with godlike strength, withstand the force of the Heavy Armor?

He lost his balance and tumbled to the ground.

Chang Geng took this opportunity to make a conclusive move; he did not hesitate to step forward. The steel leg guards under his feet mobilized maximum power. He aimed at the golden box placed near the explosives and stepped down with all his strength.

Even if the quality of the leg guard were much worse, it could still crush stones three inches tall when powered up; the golden box immediately cracked.

However, Chang Geng's steel leg guards were also destroyed in the process of hitting the hard armor surface. He used too much force, and some of his strength rebounded back onto his leg. One side ached to the point of numbing; he couldn't tell if it had already broken or not.

Chang Geng clenched his teeth and turned around on one leg.

Just as he retreated one step, the smashed golden box exploded, the head of the barbarian blew up into little pieces on the spot.

Bits of red and white brain inevitably splashed onto Chang Geng. He withdrew his leg and wiped the blood off of his face with a blank expression. Even with this horrible stench filling the air, there was no fear in his heart.

Maybe Xiu Niang was right; he was a monster.

At such a critical time, Ge Pang Xiao still had his wits about him. Even though his entire body was shaking terribly, his brain was still working. He said to Chang Geng: "Big brother, let's find a hiding place. I will take you to my father's cellar!"

Chang Geng had taken just one step forward, but the jolting pain from his leg forced him to cry out and fall over. Upon seeing this, Ge Pang Xiao ran over without delay and lifted Chang Geng.

He was still young, but his body had gotten considerably large from meat and fat; which all shook together as he ran. Ge Pang Xiao soon started panting.

But even when running out of breath, he did not delay his pledge of loyalty: "Big brother, my mother and father have been killed by them, you saved my life, I will follow you from now on! I will do whatever you tell me to do! Let's kill all these barbarians!"

His voice broke at that last sentence as he choked out the words between sobs.

Chang Geng's hand couldn't hold on to the busted sword anymore; he let it fall onto the ground with a loud ringing noise. The muscles on his arm were spasming, he struggled to smile and cracked a joke at Ge Pang Xiao: "What am I keeping you around for? Saving for the year of famine to bring out to eat?

Ge Pang Xiao: "I can at least wash your feet..."

At this moment, Chang Geng's ear suddenly twitched; he could make out an ominous clicking sound. He immediately shouted out to shut Ge Pang Xiao up: "Shh!"

Ge Pang Xiao: "My mother always said that I am very good at washing feet. My father's feet are even whiter than steam buns when I'm done..."

Ge Pang Xiao's voice suddenly went quiet. He stopped dead in his tracks then took two steps back in fear.

At the end of the small path, a barbarian donning a silver-colored Heavy Armor emerged slowly.

Chang Geng's lips and teeth wouldn't stop bleeding; he could taste the sweetness of blood as soon as he closed his mouth.

Ge Pang Xiao ran only a few steps and was already gasping for breath, but this little boy was really aware of his limit. He kept a constant tight hold on Chang Geng's sleeves, his hands cold and sticky with sweat. Chang Geng, even with his cleanliness, did not pull his hands away. The two children were like young animals who had nowhere else to turn, baring their small fangs in this dead-end.

At the end of the path, the person raised his hand and lifted the protective mask onto his forehead, revealing his handsome facial features.

His cheeks were thin, and there was a shadow in his eye sockets, reflecting the land of the Central Plains stretching for thousands of miles. When his gaze fell on Chang Geng, the emotions contained in it were extremely complicated. It seemed to be a little nostalgia mixed with a little bit of pride, which made him seem very compassionate.

It was a pity that this compassion did not last long. In the end, it was covered up by deep hatred, resembling a red thread that had been buried in the boundless snow. Although it had existed, it disappeared without a trace.

The roar of the heavy steel armors came one after another, more and more gleaming barbarian armors continued landing down behind the man. The number soon reached up to more than twenty.

There was a sudden gust of wind coming from behind, Chang Geng turned back in alert, but a hand pressed down on his shoulder — the person who just arrived was Shen Yi in dark armor.

There was even more blood on him now, causing the already dark armor to become even darker.

Ge Pang Xiao was not aware of the situation. His eyes were so wide that it seemed as if they could pop out: "Tea...Teacher Shen?"

Chang Geng turned his head and spat out a mouthful of blood: "That is the General of the Black Iron Camp, subordinate of the Marquis of Order. Don't be rude."

Ge Pang Xiao's tongue suddenly twisted together like a rope; his whole body of meat and fat trembled altogether as he stuttered: "Mar-Mar-Marquis of Order!"

Shen Yi outstretched an apologetic hand towards Ge Pang Xiao.

The hand was as big as the little boy's head, and it was still stained with blood. Ge Pang Xiao instinctively jerked his neck back, but the iron hand only gently patted the back of his head: this touch was even softer than a feather falling onto one's head, not a single hair was damaged.

Shen Yi guarded the two children behind him, standing firm and turning towards the man at the end of the path: "I heard that the 'head wolf' of the Heavenly Wolf's Eighteen Tribes, King Ge Tu, has a talented son named-"

The man coldly continued: "Jia Lai — in the language of you Central Plains people, meaning 'entranced.'*"

"Greetings to you, Prince Yinghuo*." Teacher Shen supported himself with the Wind Slasher, slowly raising his fist to the front of his chest, using the greeting etiquette of the Man tribes.

*The word used here was yíng huò [荧惑] which was also the Barbarian Prince's name. Traditional Chinese astrology also calls the planet Mars as Yíng huò .

The barbarian prince asked: "Demon Crow, state your name."

"Just a lowly nameless pawn, not worthy of the ears of royalty." Shen Yi smiled, then asked using his gentle scholarly tone of voice, sounding immensely sensible:

"The Eighteen Man Tribes have been in acquaintance with our imperial court for more than ten years. In the past few years, the friendship between the two countries has been good. The tributes have been adequate, and business is in good development. The two countries have been at peace, and Great Liang has never mistreated you. Yet now you have come without invitation involving defenseless and unarmed civilians in this skirmish. What is your reason for this?"

Ge Pang Xiao was stunned — Teacher Shen this morning still had on a funny apron, scolding as he strolled around the kitchen. Right now, as he stood among rows of barbarian men, donned in dark armor, he gave off an aura of 'I will advance even in the face of thousands and millions'. Completely unshakable.

The barbarian prince looked at Shen Yi for a brief second, then let out an unamused snort.

Then, his gaze fell on Chang Geng again, and he proceeded to speak fluently in Great Liang's Mandarin: "I had just heard my brothers report that apparently, there was someone from the Black Iron Camp here in this town. I assumed they were only exaggerating. But it really seems to be true, so does that mean the other rumor is also true? The son that the Goddess* who was robbed from us by your Central Plains Emperor gave birth to, was he really hidden away here?"

*'Goddess' here is just a religious belief of the barbaric tribes, there are no magical or supernatural elements

Chang Geng's heart jumped.

The barbarian prince looked at Chang Geng only for a moment; it almost seemed like he could not bear to look at him any longer.

The tall barbarian raised his head slightly. The sky was dark, overcast in layers of clouds, and reflected into his eyes that seemed to contain an abyss.

He whispered to an unknown god in the sky:

"The goddess of our Heavenly Wolf's Eighteen Tribes... is the cleanest spirit on the prairie. Even the wind wanted to kiss her skirt. All living creatures bow their head before her. Where she sings and dances, herds of cattle and sheep will gather the following year, lush vegetation and countless flowers will bloom under the feet of the Goddess of Longevity..."

His voice had a strange rhythm to it, resembling a pastoral song from the savanna.

"This general,..." said the barbarian prince. "You people have seized our pastures, hollowed out the heart of the earth, and robbed our Goddess away. Now you ask why we have come; it is truly too absurd!

"Your country's philosophy has lasted since ancient times, educating thousands of people. Did they teach you how to be a thief? Even if you are from the Black Iron Camp, there is only one of you here. I advise you to step aside, give me the bastard child, let him become the fire that will appease Chang Sheng Tian*, to soothe the grievance of the Goddess that had been defiled. I really...simply can not look at his face!"

* Mongolia's supreme and eternal God, referred to as "Chang Sheng Tian". In short, this term is generally just another way to say "god".

Ge Pang Xiao's heart was in a mess, but after hearing this, he could generally understand parts of the situation: "Big brother, he said bastard...," he coughed, "Is that you?"

Chang Geng was already irritated, and he coldly replied: "Can you talk less?"

"The prince has said things like this..." Shen Yi shook his head helplessly: "Truly a villain who accuses first! It is futile for the two of us to stand here trying to trace back the reason for the Northern Expedition fourteen years ago. If you want to battle, then come forward!"

These words were as firm as a nail. Low walls on two sides of the narrow path were pushed down by two rows of Northern Barbarian soldiers whose heights were even taller than the wall itself. They divided into two groups, surrounding Shen Yi and Chang Geng in their killing intent.

Shen Yi took a short sword from his armor and handed it to Chang Geng: "Your Highness, be careful!"

Teacher Shen spoke politely, but his hand was sneaky: his sentence was not yet finished, but he had already acted first.

The back of the Black Armor spurted out nearly three meters of steam. The blades from the Wind Slasher in his hand shrieked and darted out like a whirlwind, as bright as a blizzard, and the three barbarian warriors who were closest to him were caught off guard, their golden boxes were crushed all at once, their Heavy Armors instantly deadlocking them in place.

The barbarian prince shouted and rushed forward, leading his men by action, bringing with them the stifling hot wind.

Shen Yi did not hesitate to confront his move, and at the same time, shouted towards Chang Geng and Ge Pang Xiao: "Run!"

Black Iron Camp's Black Armors were very incredible, but this might be too incredible — it was said that a set of Black Armor was lighter than an ordinary Heavy Armor by around forty pounds. Shen Yi originally resembled a gentle scholar, his strength was far less than that of the barbarian prince. He lifted the Wind Slasher with both hands. Although he was able to hold off the thundering clashes of the opponent, his entire body was driven backward.

The two Heavy Armors clashed with each other. The surrounding low walls, courtyards, stone houses...even the thick large trees, nothing was spared: they all came shattering down at once.

The barbarian prince screamed: "Leave that little bastard here!"

Several Heavy Armor soldiers responded to his order, causing snow-white steam to spread all around, intercepting the two boys whose running legs added up to three.

Chang Geng guarded his chest with the sword; his injured leg was unable to bear any force and had to limp down weakly on the side. His heart was thundering loudly and seemed to burst open; there was a childish and sullen expression on his face, the wolf-like instinct in his blood had all been forced out in the confrontation with the sinister barbarian warrior — regardless of whether or not the so-called "Goddess" truly was his mother, even if she was, what was this outlandish belief that burns the child to pay homage to his mother?

Ge Pang Xiao wiped his nose in the midst of smoke and dust; he dumbly asked: "Big brother, are you really 'His Highness'? Does that mean we're getting rich?"

Chang Geng: "Rich my ass, they just have the wrong person - we're all going to die soon, why aren't you running yet?"

Ge Pang Xiao held his head high: "I won't run! I want to follow my big brother...Ah, my god!"

Two barbarians flew over, one to the left and one to the right. As Ge Pang Xiao was still making a grand speech, one of them lifted him overhead and was about to throw him to death.

Ge Pang Xiao with his quick reflexes, his limbs started kicking about in a frenzy, then hugged the branches of a large tree next to him. Inhuman strength suddenly burst out in this situation of life and death, making him successfully clutch onto the tree.

It was a pity that although his strength was 'inhuman', his trousers were still a piece of mortal cloth. They were ripped apart in one move.

It was uncertain if Ge Pang Xiao had a sudden stroke of genius or was just scared to death. When he saw that his pants were done for, he conveniently pissed on the man's face.

The barbarian also had his mask pushed up, catching all of it.

He turned completely mad, letting out a roar and attempting to kill this little brat in one sweep of his iron fist. But just then, his legs suddenly went out of control. It turned out that while he was standing still in one place, Chang Geng had snuck past the enemies, took advantage of the situation and aimed, accurately stabbing right at the seam of the leg guard.

The short sword truly lived up to its promise as a product of Black Iron Camp. It was extremely sharp, as if there was nothing it couldn't break through. He sharply slashed one of the leg guards on the Heavy Armor. One barbarian lost his balance and stumbled down, directly blocking the way of his companion.

Ge Pang Xiao resembled a little monkey; he jumped down from the tree branch, quickly ran across the rooftop, crossing through walls. He gathered up all the bricks and shouted towards Chang Geng: "Big brother! Hurry, get out of the way!"

White mist spurted out of Chang Geng's feet, and it was too late for him to stand up; he could only let the leg guards drag him a few feet away, then a large stone landed right on the steel helmet of the barbarian. The ringing echoed endlessly in one's ears.

Ge Pang Xiao: "You bastards! This is for tearing my pants!"

Chang Geng rolled over in the dirt and soil. As he struggled to stand up with one leg, there was a sudden force behind his neck: a massive iron hand appeared right out of the sky and pulled his entire body up.

Chang Geng subconsciously reached for the iron wristband, but the barbarian did not allow him to. He was about to smash Chang Geng onto the wall.

Shen Yi, who currently had his hands full with the barbarian prince, was completely out of reach —

At this moment, a horse's sharp neigh rang out, a gleaming iron arrow pierced through the sky, broke through the thick steel plate, and directly nailed the barbarian who just grabbed Chang Geng onto the low wall.

The wall wasn't able to sustain the weight of the Heavy Armor: it collapsed into ruins. Chang Geng, who was tumbling down among it, suddenly heard a very penetrating sound of eagles in the sky. He looked up: two huge shadows were hovering in the air, and the eighteen Iron Armors of the barbarians were enveloped inside the range of longbows and iron arrows.

The barbarian prince quickly looked up and glared: "Black Eagle!"

One person replied from not far away: "Isn't it? Long time no see, greetings from Black Iron's three factions to Your Highness."

The voice was tremendously familiar; it had stunned Chang Geng's entire body. Kneeling on the ruins of stone bricks and rubble, he looked in disbelief at the man donned in a Light Armor coming over on a horse.

The man wore the lightest type of armor specifically designed for horse riding. The entire suit was only around thirty pounds - it was also called 'lightweight suit'.

He didn't have the protective mask on, and even the helmet was casually held in his hand, revealing the face that had mistakenly entered Chang Geng's dream. The cinnabar-colored beauty mark under his eye was blazing.

Ge Pang Xiao, who was swaying back and forth on top of the wall, almost fell forward on his head. He pinched his own thigh: "My god... Are you not my Uncle Shiliu?"

"Yes, that's right, my nephew," 'Shen Shiliu'' moved forward without a care as if he completely didn't take the battlefield in front of him into his eyes. He arrogantly pulled the Wind Slasher from his waist, pushed the barbarian's body aside, turned towards the wall, and jokingly scolded Ge Pang Xiao. "Little brat, letting it hang in the middle of the street like that: hurry and go find a leaf to cover yourself!"

Ge Pang Xiao quickly tried to cover himself in embarrassment.

Chang Geng stared at him intensely, momentarily forgetting where he was.

'Shen Shiliu' caught his gaze, turned to dismount, then bent over slightly, offering Chang Geng his hand:

"Your subject Gu Yun, late to the rescue."